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Single Session Marketing Core Vision & Impact Strategy Consultation

Includes 1 x 80 minute session

1 payment of $129.00

Marketing is about Resonance. Resonance with your ideal clients, through your Deepest Why.

Are you and your business speaking deeply to your ideal clients? Every word of your marketing - your blogposts, your video logs, your opt-in gift, your newsletters, even your products and services - should produce resonance with your ideal clients.

The way this happens is through doing the MARKETING WORK. First we must unlearn a lot of marketing. If you’ve picked up what marketing means through observation of the surface of other business, if you’ve ridden off the wave of other people’s marketing and audience, you need to unlearn what marketing means to you. You need to clear the myths of marketing before you can be one who has great marketing.

Then, we go in and excavate your greatest hidden treasure: Your Marketing Essence (this is Catt’s term). The why behind everything you do. This is the core that creates RESONANCE.

In this Single Session Strategy Consultation, I will be able to evaluate what is going on in your business right now related to marketing and the clients you're attracting that is causing issues, and a general idea of your marketing essence. I will also be able to tell you if you need to do some unlearning due to limited teaching around business structures if you are looking to uplevel and get very clear on your business' core "why," and lead with something completely authentic and unique to you.

Please use this booking system to schedule your Single Session Consultation with Catt Kaizen.

If none of the times listed work for you, email me at catt@cattkaizen.com and we can set up a separate time to schedule a call!

Upon completion of booking, you will receive a prep form for the call. Please fill this in as early as possible.

Please note: I do not assist any MLM type business models, as those kinds of businesses do not have core vision and impact strategy to work on creating.

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